Discover the Source of Art

Are you an art enthusiast or an artist, and want to know more about art sources? This article has informative content that will benefit you in your pursuit. Besides, having the inspiration to create new artwork, artists have the task of finding materials for their work. If it is your first time looking for art materials or learning about original sources, this article will also guide you. There are two kinds of art sources the primary and secondary sources. Both the resources are useful and help artists learn about the past to present new artwork.

Primary Art Sources

Primary resources provide first-hand information or accounts of occurrences, conditions or practice in research. The documents or materials are produced by witnesses or someone who first recorded the data. The first-hand information also contains time indicators of when the events occurred. Some of the common primary art sources include the following:

  • Photographs
  • Reports
  • Diaries
  • Financial records
  • Letters
  • Memos
  • Creative works
  • Newspaper articles

The primary resources could also be the first-hand materials or accounts that were documented later. Nonetheless, such reports should be those created within the duration of time artists are researching. Such primary resources include the following:

  • Memoirs
  • Oral history
  • Autobiographies

Secondary Art Resources

The secondary sources entail the materials written or documented about past events. The sources interpret the long-passed events in the lens of the current time. However, such sources may offer different information as attitudes change with time, while new discoveries also affect the researcher’s perceptions. Therefore, although facts are the same, interpretation changes. Secondary art sources include ideas provided in scholarly books such as:

  • Textbooks
  • Encyclopedias
  • Anthologies
  • Articles

The Final Thought

Various criteria evaluate sources. However, the main way to distinguish between primary and secondary resources is the writers or persons who recorded the events or accounts.